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Venture Capital

Venture capital and business angel networks are the fuel behind many successful startups. They're not just about funding; they offer a wealth of experience, connections, and guidance, helping entrepreneurs turn their big ideas into reality in the competitive business world.

Support in Baden-Württemberg

Start-up BW Pre-Seed

Pre-Seed is a funding program in Baden-Württemberg designed to support high-potential startups. It provides a total of 200,000 euros, which comes from a convertible loan offered by a business angel and a grant with repayment and conversion options. Though it might sound complicated initially, this program has successfully helped numerous startups in Baden-Württemberg to launch their businesses.

Information on the program is available on the state's website. The support partner in Heidelberg is Heidelberg Technology Park.

Business Angel Speed Dating

Technology Ventures Rhein-Neckar

The perfect program for entrepreneurs who need some starting funds, Technology Ventures Rhein-Neckar hooks up 20 cool startups with 20 savvy business angels and early-stage investors. You'll chat with each other for five minutes, then move on to the next person. In just a few hours, you'll have built an awesome network!

Technology Ventures Rhein-Neckar is held twice a year together with our partners Adtelligence and MAFINEX Gründerverbund.

Institutional Investors

Venture Capital Meet & Greet

The Venture Capital Meet & Greet is a casual monthly event showcasing a Venture Capital Fund and one of its investment managers. Here's how it goes: The Investment Manager kicks off with a 20-minute intro to the fund. Next up is a laid-back 20-minute interview and Q&A session. After that, five founders get the chance to pitch their startups, which have been pre-selected through an application process. The whole thing happens on Zoom, so grab a comfy seat and enjoy!

Venture Capital Meet & Greet is a DeepTechHub organized by Heidelberg Startup Partners together with various partners.

Where Life Science Investors and Startups Meet

Life Science Investors' Day Heidelberg

Life science startups have their own set of challenges: The scientific risks are pretty high, they need a lot of money, and it can take years to go from the lab to the patient's bedside. That's why we set aside a whole day each year for investors and founders working in therapeutics, diagnostics, and digital health. Some even call the Life Science Investors' Day Heidelberg a class reunion for the European life science investor community.

The Life Science Investors' Day is put together by Heidelberg Startup Partners, BioLabs Heidelberg, BioRN, and the Life Science Accelerator Baden-Württemberg.