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We are passionate about creating the world's best innovation ecosystem in Heidelberg. For entrepreneurs leveraging technology, science and knowledge to address the pressing challenges of our time. Day by day. Startup by startup.

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Are you focused on leading your startup to success? We are determined to create the best environment for your objectives.


Customized accelerator programs take you and your startup to the next level. The boost you need, at exactly the right time.

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Do you just need a brief pointer or help from an experienced expert? A mentor at your side will quickly bring clarity to your next steps.

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Venture Capital

Close your next round of funding with confidence. With an investors network and events that break down the barrier between founders and investors.

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Office and Lab Space

Finding space for your startup in Heidelberg can be challenging. Whether it's a desk in a co-working space or a wet lab - this is how you'll find it.

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For Investors

We focus on Life Sciences, Industrial Technology, Machine Learning, and other Solutions out of Heidelberg's Universities and Research Institutes

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Heidelberg is one of the most important medical locations in Europe. The University Hospital as well as the German Cancer Research Center and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory conduct tireless research to improve therapeutics and diagnostics. We support startups in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology and digital health.

Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

The Greater Heidelberg Region is home to 160,000 businesses. Ten of Germany's 100 largest listed companies are headquartered here. Just the right environment for startups with business-to-business business models working to solve industry challenges. We offer fitting support programs and infrastructure.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Did you know that the image-generating model Stable Diffusion is based on research at Heidelberg University? Heidelberg is home to many outstanding researchers in the field of machine learning and can already look back on a number of successful founding stories. We are actively promoting the machine learning ecosystem.

Our Members

Devoted to Innovation

We're a joint initiative of Heidelberg's leading research and innovation institutes. We promote technological, scientific and expertise driven startups in Heidelberg.

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